The WelStand Story:

From Our Family To Yours

The WelStand story starts back five generations in Holland with the Bentvelzen family. It was there that the family worked for years in the custom shoemaking and repair business. Joe Bentvelzen took his knowledge and experience gained from working in the family business, packed it up and brought it with him to the US, and in 1998 opened the first of a chain of successful shoe stores. With the tradition, knowledge and commitment to foot health and comfort combined with years of experience custom fitting shoes, the WelStand brand was created.

Our passion for healthy feet and our extensive experience lead to a unique idea; an orthotic insert with replaceable top covers to meet all the needs presented by our clients. Our team developed a flexible but firm arch support with a deep heel cup that maximizes stability and remains comfortable. By switching top covers, our orthotic insoles can be moved from shoe to shoe, ensuring your foot health in every situation.