WelStand Orthotic Footbeds were created and designed by a dedicated team of experts in the field of custom fitted footwear. With this deep knowledge of good foot health and its effects on the health of the whole body, WelStand was created not only to provide superior comfort for your feet, but also to enhance the health of your feet. Using WelStand insoles improves the positioning and support of your foot in your shoe, which can result in decreased pain, improvements in posture and gait and better overall foot and ankle health. The name WelStand is a Dutch word that means well being, happiness and good health. That meaning is the basis for our products and our brand.

Flexible Support: WelStand’s semi-rigid orthotic footbed allows for firm support and flexible comfort. Its thin profile gives support where it’s needed, yet allows for natural movement and flexibility in the forefoot.Deep Heel Cup: The deep heel cup molded right into the footbed cradles the heel and prevents the foot from slipping inside the shoe.Arch Support: With its built-in arch support, Welstand footbeds help to alleviate stress and strain on tired feet, through proper positioning and support of the foot inside of the shoe.Cushioned Comfort: The top covers provide superior cushioning and comfort for the foot, allowing the insole to conform to the natural contours of your foot.

Versatile Use: The thin profile of the footbed allows it to be utilized in just about any kind of shoe – athletic, casual or dress. Use the Welstand orthotic footbed with your choice of three different top covers to suit your needs.Better Hygiene: Welstand’s unique patented system of attaching the top covers to the footbed allows for easy removal, cleaning and replacement. With its micro hook and loop attachment, the top covers can be quickly and easily removed. The athletic and casual top covers can be washed and reused over and over. All top covers are sold separately, so replacing them is simple!
Doctor recommends Welstand Insoles

Douglas Gillis, DPM

“As a podiatrist, it is my experience that many common pains and discomforts are caused by poor posture and poor lower limb alignment. WelStand Orthotic Insoles improve those conditions and therefore greatly improves your comfort in many daily activities like walking, shopping, exercising or standing for longer periods of time. In addition, the unique patented system not only makes the product easy to use and customize for an individual’s needs, but makes it very affordable as well. I highly recommend the WelStand Orthotic Insoles.”