WelStand’s orthotic insole system gives you three insoles in one! With its unique, patent pending changeable top cover system, WelStand orthotic insoles can be used in just about any shoe you have.

Customizable: For the most versatility, choose the 3 in 1 starter set that includes a molded heel cup/arch support along with 3 insole top covers, one designed for dress shoes, one for casual shoes and one for athletic shoes. Each component is also sold separately, so you can also choose just what you need!

Easy to use: The molded arch support/heel cup has a micro-hook and loop fastener that can be attached and removed quickly and easily to the WelStand top cover of your choice.

Economical and Easy to Clean: Unlike most competitive orthotic insoles that have to be thrown away after prolonged use, the athletic and the casual top covers can be thrown in the washing machine, cleaned and re-used. The molded orthotic heel cup and arch support can be used over and over. Simply replace the top covers as needed.

WelStand Insole and Arch Support Diagram


Using WelStand Orthotic Insoles is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Select the size and appropriate top cover for the shoes you wish to wear: dress, casual or athletic.
  2. Place the orthotic shell with the micro fastener side up. With the logo facing up, center your top cover over the orthotic shell and press down.
  3. Place in shoes and enjoy all day comfort!