“I am so appreciative of my Welstand Arch supports!!! I purchased them, along with a great pair of shoes, through the guidance of extremely well educated sales people at the Foot and Shoe store in Bellevue. I was having tingling and numbing of the toes. The Welstand Arch support soles I am certain have help to erase that, and I am so relieved to be walking, and enjoying being active again. I have tried a number of other over the counter brands with no results, and I do move my arch support from shoe to shoe. I intend to purchase at least two more, as it will just be a better fit for my lifestyle. I have taken my children in as well and now we all have them. I think the key that helped us to understand the WHY we need them was so well addressed by the staff at the store. Thanks again for making an affordable, effective product that makes a difference.”

Pauline W, San Francisco, WA

“My doctor was treating me for Plantar Fasciitis and referred me to a therapist. The therapist referred me to Shoe N Feet.
This lovely person recommended Welstand Arch Support which helped solved the foot problem. I am pain free and wear the
arch support daily. Infact, I need to buy another pair of shoes and arch support.”

Kathy J, Kirkland, WA

“I love my arch supports but it is time for me to get some new ones. They worked great and so good that I kept switching them from shoe to shoe. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Amy H 

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