“They are amazing. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and my doc suggested I try orthopedic arch supports. Never having worn these before I pictured ugly old lady devices. I was pleasantly surprised to see how sleek and what crisp lines they have —awesome design. What’s even better is how well they work. I bought 2 pair and am going to buy more for my other shoes.”

Loretta G, Kenmore, WA

“I have used expensive custom orthotics for years. WelStand orthotic inserts are equally as comfortable as prescription orthotics at a fraction of the cost.”

Phil O, Seattle, WA

“I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my recent purchase of WelStand Orthotic Footbeds and Covers.  I love the flexibility of the footbeds, as my old orthotics were very hard and never really felt comfortable.  These seem to work just as well for preventing plantars fasciitis, without having to go to a doctor and spend the high price for prescription orthotics.  I also appreciate that the  covers come in different styles, allowing me to adapt the orthotics to many pairs of shoes.

Thank you for recommending this great product to me!”

Jodi R, Bellevue, WA

“I did not know what foot comfort was all about until a friend introduced me to a product called WelStand. The moment I put the device into my shoe and walked a few steps I knew I had found the key to real foot comfort. Do yourself a big favor and try this miracle of comfort. I know you will find the same positive results I did. If you try it, you will buy it. It really works!”

Stan S, Tacoma, WA

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